Water Resources Fund

Groups of farmers in England are being offered funding to work together to store water and protect against the impact of drought.

The £1.6 million government fund will help farmers investigate different methods to manage water in their area.

Projects could include:

  • multi-farm reservoirs
  • treated waste-water recycling systems
  • water trading
  • sharing schemes.

The fund will support around 20 screening studies and investigate water demand and availability in the most water-stressed agricultural areas over the next 25 years.

Groups of two or more neighbouring farms are eligible to apply.

The fund will help identify opportunities to build on existing projects, including Felixstowe Hydrocycle, a multi-farm project repurposing more than 0.5 million tonnes of excess land drainage water per year.

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Key Info

Location: England

Value: £1.6m funding pot

Grant Deadline: 16-06-2024